Garden Wedding In Birmingham

Are you thinking about having a garden wedding in Birmingham? That is a great idea! But is it possible to find a beautiful outdoor wedding place in this city? Of course it is!

Some people opt to have a non-traditional wedding for various reasons. Some are simply nature-lovers. There are others who want to go against the traditional enclosed and indoor wedding. Others just love having the beauty of nature as a backdrop for their wedding photos.

But why get married in the city of Birmingham?

About garden weddings in Birmingham

Birmingham is a city of West Midlands in England. It is beside the River Rea. It is the most populous city after London. The city covers a huge land and has several places for you to get married.

You would think that to have an outdoor wedding, you need to go to the countryside. Well, that is no longer necessary. You can have your dream wedding in a garden here in the city of Birmingham. There are more than 500 parks in this city. In fact, it is a lot more than any European city. That totals around 3,5000 hectares of land. The six million trees on these lands offer great backdrops for your wedding.

Of course, you have to make sure that the garden that you will choose is licensed to hold a nuptial ceremony. Otherwise, your wedding will not be considered a legal union.

Venue options for a garden wedding in Birmingham

Here are your venue options if you want to plan a garden wedding in Birmingham.

Birmingham Botanical Gardens

This is the most popular garden wedding destination in this city. The venue has three different suites that are all licensed to hold civil ceremonies. Each of the suites has a different ambiance but all of them boast of serene settings. There are outdoor terraces that overlook beautiful landscapes. That will give your wedding photos a great backdrop.

West Midland Safari Park

This is located in Bewdley. The Spring Grove House is beautiful with its Georgian exterior and colonial interior. It is located on the park grounds and will give you a great venue for your wedding. There is a safari adventure with exotic animals that your guests can enjoy.

Drayton Manor Theme Park

This place is located near Tamworth. If you want a fairytale wedding, this is the venue that you want to book. You can opt to stay in the Tower Suite with the Victorian themed facade. The garden space outside is elegant and a great option to have a garden wedding in Birmingham. You can even have your photos takes on a carousel.

Kenilworth Castle

Did you know that Robert Dudley, Queen Elizabeth’s lover, built this castle to impress her majesty? What a great love story right? This alone makes is a great option to get married in. There is an Elizabethan garden complete with an aviary and marble fountain. It is a great backdrop for your wedding ceremony.

Consider these venues as you plan for your garden wedding in Birmingham. Beyond the garden options, there are other interesting areas for you to get married in Birmingham. You can choose to tie the knot in an actual Shakespearean stage. You can even arrive at your wedding destination on a boat. But if you want to be surrounded by nature, then finding a garden to have your nuptial celebration is easy to do.