Garden Wedding In Liverpool

Are you thinking or having a garden wedding in Liverpool? That is a great idea! Liverpool is a major city in the North West England. It is actually described as a city with the most splendid setting in all of England.

Why have a garden wedding in Liverpool?

The city is built on sandstone hills that go as high as 230 feet above sea-level. Liverpool enjoys a temperate maritime climate that is similar to the British Isles. The permanent residents enjoy cool summers and mild winters. The city also boasts of several parks and natural reserves – like the Victorian Park. Next to London, this city has the most listed parks.All of these make a garden wedding in Liverpool highly appealing. You get to enjoy great weather conditions all year long and that will give you the freedom to get married outdoors. This will allow you use the natural beauty of the city as the perfect background for your wedding photos.

Best venues for a garden wedding in Liverpool

If you are looking for the best places to have your garden wedding in the city of Liverpool, here are three of your options.

Scotch Piper Inn

This is considered to be the oldest pub in the county of Lancashire. The main structure is on a two-acre land that is perfect for a wedding of 50 to 300 guests. Your wedding can enjoy different themes like an English Country Garden style. They can also help you have a Vintage, Modern or Rustic wedding. The place has beautifully maintained gardens that you can use for great wedding photo shoots. With great food and a helpful staff, you can have a beautiful and worry-free garden wedding in Liverpool.

Speke Hall

This hall is surrounded by a beautiful Victorian garden. The lovely grounds are complemented by the wonderful woodlands that make Speke Hall such a great outdoor venue for weddings. The estate is perfect with its tree-lined avenue that leads up to the mansion. While the couple to be wed and the different guests can enjoy every inch of the mansion, they can also make use of the South Lawn and the gorgeous backdrop for the nuptial celebrations. You can exchange your vows outside and hold the reception there too.

Sefton Park Palm House

This is considered as one of the top UK venues. It is that gorgeous. The Sefton Park Palm House is a Victorian glasshouse that serves as a giant greenhouse. You can find various exotic plants from all over the world! When you lease the place for your wedding, you get to enjoy the whole place to yourself. It can seat up to 220 guests. Gardens are set up within the glasshouse – making you feel like you are outdoors while protecting you from any unpleasant weather – if there is any.

If you have any intentions of having a garden wedding in Liverpool, look up these great venues.