Garden Wedding In London

A garden wedding in London promises a very beautiful affair. The British outdoors will set the perfect mood for one of the most important days of your life. There is something about being in the midst of nature that will make you feel special, loved, and alive. What better emotions to feel while you are getting married right?

You might think that some of the authentic outdoor venues might be too far from the city. You are mistaken. There are great outdoor venues within the city of London that you can use as a venue to tie the knot.

Why have a garden wedding in London

First of all, why should you have a garden wedding in London? If you are a lover of nature, getting married outdoors is expected of you. But beyond that, exchanging your vows within a garden sets you up for a great photo shoot. Your wedding photos (and videos!) are very important because it allows you to go back to this very special moment when you tied the knot with your loved one. By having a garden wedding, you can enjoy different themes for your nuptial celebrations. You can opt for a whimsical fairytale theme or a rustic one. Mother Nature is a great decorator and an outdoor wedding will allow you to maximise that.

Of course, you need to make sure that you are choosing the right venue for your wedding. If you want to have an outdoor wedding, you do not have to go far. It is not necessary to go to the countryside. There are beautiful venues around London that you can choose from.

Garden wedding venues in London

Here are three venues that you can choose from to hold your garden wedding in London.

The Roof Gardens

This venue is in Kensington, London. The maximum capacity is 500 but it can also hold intimate weddings with 50 people. This oasis will give your wedding a charming and elegant ambiance. The venue has a lot of gardens. The Spanish Garden has a Moorish theme. The Tudor Garden has red brick walls and arches that are reminiscent of that period. The English Woodland Garden showcases several flowers in spring. The great thing about this venue is you have the option to hold your reception indoors – if the weather is not ideal.

BMA House

This is another venue for a garden wedding in London. It is located in Bloomsbury. The maximum capacity is 200. Although the BMA House has 4 indoor rooms, it also has 2 outdoor venues to hold your garden wedding, the Courtyard and the Garden. The Courtyard has a central fountain and several statues to add an appeal to your nuptial celebrations. The Garden is more romantic and ideal for intimate weddings. It is tranquil with a water feature and great views of the sun. You can combine elegance and enchantment when you hold your wedding in London.

The Oyster Shed

This location is not exactly known as an outdoor venue – but it does offer a great view of the riverside. The Oyster Shed has a glass house with floor to ceiling windows. It gives you the feeling of being outdoors – without putting yourselves at risk with a sudden downpour or bad weather. But if it is outdoors that you want, then this is still a great place to consider. It has a ground floor outdoor terrace that is a great location to exchange “I Do’s” because it takes you closer to the river Thames.

Consider these locations as you plan your garden wedding in London.