Garden Wedding In Manchester

If you are looking for a venue to hold your garden wedding in Manchester, well let us start off by saying that you made the right choice! Manchester is one of the major cities in the Greater Manchester area in England. It is the most populous urban area in the United Kingdom and a great venue for you to tie the knot.

Why choose a garden wedding in Manchester?

There are so many places to get married in Manchester – so why should you opt for a garden wedding?For one, a garden wedding is romantic. It does not take a lot for you to decorate a garden for it to look romantic. There is something about being surrounded by nature that makes it an ideal venue to exchange your wedding vows. It is also a great option for those who wish to break tradition and get married in a unique venue.

You might think that finding the right venue in Manchester is hard. Well, it is not! You actually have a couple of options when it comes to great venues to hold your garden wedding in Manchester. This city is a great option to hold an outdoor wedding because it has a great Oceanic climate that experiences mild summers. It should be a great season for you to get married.

Venue options for a garden wedding in Manchester

So what are your venue options in Manchester?

Eleven Didsbury Park

This venue boasts of elegance through and through. It is a Victorian villa that is hidden behind the Didsbury Park. You can choose to book the whole villa for you and your guests. There are 20 stylish bedrooms that are just right for the people attending your wedding. The venue is licensed to hold a civil ceremony. You can opt to use the Didsbury House or the Eleven Didsbury Park. This place is ideal for an intimate wedding.

Thornton Manor

This venue is actually in Cheshire – which is very near Manchester. The manor is located on 120 acres of land. There are many options to get married outdoors in this venue. You can opt for the Waterside Pavilion or the Lakeside Marquee. You can also opt for the Walled Garden Marquee – a secluded garden for both grand and intimate celebrations.

Abbeywood Estate

This is another venue in Cheshire. It is the home of the Rowlinson family and is surrounded by beautiful gardens – something that you can use as your wedding venue. It is actually open to the public all year round. The management can help connect you to suppliers that will complete all your requirements for the wedding.

Heaton House Farm

This is also located in Cheshire. You can enjoy a rustic outdoor wedding celebration. There are sandstone barns that make this an ideal venue to exchange your vows. There are various locations to choose from – one of which is the option to hold the ceremony under the night sky.

These are all possible venues for you to have a garden wedding in Manchester – or around it.